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The Facing Breast Cancer Together web site is dedicated to everyone who fights, or has fought, cancer.

After joining a ‘couples’ breast cancer support group in Parker Colorado (Facing Breast Cancer Together), it became obvious to us that there was not only a need for quick and easy access to breast cancer information but also a need for information related to couples and their fight against all cancers.


To that end, the FBCTogether.org website was initially created in 2003. Its creation was not only born of the fear and grief related to our fight against breast cancer but also of our need to provide hope and information to others.

May you be blessed with strength, love, and perseverance

Becky & Mark Rabideau

Newly Diagnosed?

Are you newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

If so, perhaps the following might help evaluate your options and choices:

The Last Lecture

    If you have not seen this inspiring lecture, please watch it here. We are clearly all in this together.

Know this…

Some of the greatest healing begins by helping others. In order to help you heal, we provide the following links. Perhaps they will add a smile or joy to your day.

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  1. Breast Cancer Conquer
    December 19, 2009 @ 4:22 pm

    I just read about a new targeted cancer drug that has been shown to shrink tumors in women with metastatic breast cancer after an average of seven other drugs, including Herceptin, failed. The new drug, called T-DM1, combines Herceptin with a potent chemotherapy drug. Here’s to keeping our hopes alive that someday this retched disease can be nothing but a memory! Happy Holidays to All!

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